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    Custom Order

    We welcome any and all custom orders over here at Wolf River Leather. Whether you want a different shape, size, color, or something monogrammed, we've got you covered. It excites us to bring your ideas to life and create something new. It's really up to you what this product will consist of. That said, we need a few things from you before we start this one-a-kind process:

    • What kind of product? (Bag, wallet, belt, ETC)
    • What color? (Black, brown, or blue)
    • What size? (Small, medium, large or specific dimensions)

    If you respond to the questions above with "Other" or "Specific Dimensions," please specify those details to us at check out. With any custom order we will contact you to review your order. This way we can ensure you're getting exactly what you're looking for! Once we're good to go, we will then send you an invoice that we will ask you to complete before moving forward.

    Questions or confusion? Reach out to us at